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Resources || Individual Lessons || Interactive Activities || Online Projects

Math Forum
Explore Data
A great resource for lessons, data sets and examples.  Oceans of stuff to wade through.
Data Analysis
Learning Units
Elementary lessons designed by teachers to encourage the use of mathematics and technology in the classroom.

Illuminations, part of the Marco Polo Foundations Partnerships, provides online multimedia investigations, ready to use standards based lesson plans as well links to web reviewed sites will improve the teaching and learning in the classroom.

MathsNet A huge resource for math education that incorporates many facets.  Check out the Excel link.

Hands on Math Activities
Math Central
Elementary math lessons designed for the 4-6 grader with a lots of printable resources to use with instruction.

Carol Hurst's Data Gathering Lots of resources linking literature to data gathering and analysis.

Score Mathematics Great math lessons created by California teachers that reflect state standards.
National Library of Virtual Manipulative's for Interactive Mathematics A library of uniquely interactive, web-based virtual manipulative's or concept tutorials, for mathematics instruction.
Individual Lessons
A Shoe In    (K-1)
(Source: Ask Eric)
This activity is tied to the classic story, The Elves and the Shoemaker.  Students classify shoes by various attributes such as color, style, material, etc. Using the data the teacher guides students in making a    graph with the shoes.  (Extension: Students input data into template made by teacher.
Making Estimations in Measurement
This activity is linked to another classic, Jack and the Beanstalk.  Students read the story and make predictions of their own height, circumference, and foot length as well as predict the giant's measurements.
Graphing Garbage
(Source:East Cobb Middle School)
Using Shel Silverstein's Poem, Sarah Synthia Sylvia Would Not Take The Garbage Out, students work in groups to classify the types of food that are part of Sarah's garbage.  They use a variety of graphs to display the amounts of garbage from each food group and the garbage from the class paper basket. 
How Cold Is It?  (3-5)
(Source: Math Forum)
A lesson by the Great Lakes Collaborative in which students collect, record and graph temperatures from various areas.
What is the "Best Chip?"
(Source: Illuminations)
Students use data analysis to seek answers to the types of questions often posed by consumer agencies and people who work in sales and marketing.
Population Hunt  (3-5)
(Source: Math Forum)
A Great Lakes Collaborative lesson by Laura Jewell in which students investigate and compare/order populations of US cities.  Graphs and a database apply with this activity.  Comparison of greatest to least could be made with the the ascending and descending tool in Excel.   
Adventures in Statistics (5-6)
(Source: Math Forum)
A math project that incorporates measurement, computation, graphing, data analysis and presentation of results.
Making a Mess o' Mousse (5-7)
(Source: James Lick Middle School)
A delicious lesson on doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the recipe and graphing the results.
Scissors, Paper, Rock
(Source: Ask Eric)
This lesson uses an old favorite to make a game that simulates the game between two people.
Interactive Activities
Create a Graph This one allows you to make a pie, bar or line graph.

Bar Graphs
Double Bar Graphs
Circle Graphs

Harcourt School Publishers provide a great interactive tool for students to create graphs online.
Average Height
of Classroom Students

Simple lesson that reinforces measurement,data analysis and graphing as well as creates a chart.
Data Picking Interactive data collection from BBC that provide students a game to test their knowledge of what is collected and make comparisons.
A Shopping Spree Activity A great interactive spreadsheet that takes you shopping to Walmart and Toys R Us. Can you spend $1,000.00?
Cynthia Lanius' Let's Graph
Unfortunately, this interactive graph only works for Netscape users.
Shamrock Lane There is a wealth of information to tie in data collecting with St. Patrick's Day activities.  Coin toss is located here as well. 

Basketball Math Interactive An interactive math game that highlights a bar graph as one of the items.
A Few Online Projects  
Global Grocery List Project Students share local grocery prices to build a growing table of data to be used in social studies, science, health, mathematics and other disciplines.
The Global Schoolhouse Global SchoolNet is a leader in collaborative learning. This is a great place to search for upcoming projects and past projects for ideas on collaboration.
Eduplace Projects Eduplace is a great place to look for projects that will integrate with your classroom objectives and correlate with district standards and benchmarks.
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Last Updated January, 2005