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Directions on Creating Different Types of Documents in Excel
Create a Simple Chart and Format Cells - A Spelling Activity
Create a Bingo Grid - Practice Formatting Skills
Create a Chart and Graph with Chart Wizard - M & M Activity
Create a Temperature Chart and Graph
Create a Multiplication Chart
How to Hide and Unhide Rows and Columns
How to Create a Self Checking (If-Then) Worksheet in Excel 2000
How to Create a Multiplication Self Checking Activity
How to Create a KWL Chart
How to Create Timelines
How to Create a Poster
Ready to Use Templates For Your Classroom
Birthday Months
Counting Shapes - Template created by Irv LaFleur
Counting to 100
Math Computation Review
Addition Worksheets
Multiplication Review
Multiplication Drill - A template from Ken Kranz.
Math Operations Practice - A template from Ken Kranz.
Favorite Apples - A template created by Sharon Lemley
Counting Watermelon Seeds - A template created by Sharon Lemley
Estimating Skittles
Question of the Day
Yes/No Graphing
Bike Checklist
Spelling Practice - A template from Ken Kranz.
Category Game - Spring
Timelines -Ten Events
Timelines - Five Events
Weekly Temperature Statistics
Templates from Internet4Classrooms - An excellent resource from Susan Brooks and Bill Byles.
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Other Resources and Tutorials
Microsoft - In and Out of the Classroom Office XP (Excel)
Computer Awareness Training Tutorial for Microsoft Excel
Internet4Classrooms Online Learning Modules - Excel
LT Technologies - Spreadsheet Resources
Almost Everything You Need to Know About Spreadsheets
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