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Math Forum Data Library
The Data Library contains lists of ongoing data-sharing projects as well as downloadable Clarisworks spreadsheets and other sources of data on the web.
Dinosaur Data Files
These dinosaur data files have been designed so that they can be printed out and photocopied for educational use in the classroom, at home or in the Museum itself. We have also created some suggestions for activities you may like to try, and a spreadsheet file in Excel format containing much of the data in these data files for further classroom work.
The Data Story and Library
DASL is designed to help teachers locate and identify data files for teaching.
Population Estimates
Quick Facts from the U.S. Census Bureau gives easy access to data about people, businesses and geography.
American Fact Finder

A great resource for population, housing, economic and georgraphical data in tables for the U.S., states, counties, cities and zipcodes. Maps are a great resource for visual data as well.

U.S. Fact Finder - Kids Corner

Age appropriate site for the younger students to obtain census data and learn many facts about their states. Online quizzes test students knowledge of basic census information.

Fact Monster - A great source for your students to search for data in many areas!
Your Nation - Students can compare different modifiers from two countries to compare and contrast data. Summary reports as well as ranking reports can be generated at this interactive site.
The World Fact Book - Created by the CIA, this database contains information on countries and territories. Searchable by countries this site provides descriptions, geography, people and goverment facts.
All data from the 2002 KIDS COUNT data book are now available through our interactive online database. Check this one out!
National Climatic Data Center

Claims to be the largest archive of weather data. The spotlight and extreme weather and climate events links contain easily read information.
Historical Tornado Data

Data concerning many aspects of tornadoes across the United States from 1950 through 1997.  Information concerning, occurrences, deadliest and costliness are shown by charts, graphs and maps.
Real Time Weather Data

The is a listing of weather sites that contain vast amounts of information that can be collected, categorized and classified to communicate by way of charts and graphs. 
Roller Coaster DataBase

The rcdb contains statistics on 652 roller coasters from 251 parks located in 3 countries. There are 751 pictures in the database.  Searches, advanced searches or a random feature displays lots of useful data to crunch and compare.

CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A vast resource relating to disease, health and vital statistics. The National Center for Health Statistics resides at this website.

The USDA Database Nutrient Database Listing
Over 5,000 food items are listed!  Nutrient values are given for 100 gram proportions as well as two serving size proportions.
Dole Five A Day
A great site for the younger student to obtain data about the nutritional values of fruit and vegetables. An interactive version allows students to sort by weight, calories, fiber and some nutritional values.
Fast Foods Fact Finder
This is a place where students can gather data on fast food and compare it to a healthier meal.
Public Schools Directory
Find data information and statistics about U.S. schools. Information is gathered from the National Center for Education Statistics.
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