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February 1, 2005
February Web Bytes
Heart Activities
How to Download Heart Templates Right click on the images below and select save target as to download templates to your folder on L:\ , the student share drive. When you open KidPix import these images.

How to Keep a Good Heart
is formatted for kids to begin typing text right into Kidpix.

Circulatory System
Students use pencil tool to draw arteries and veins.

Heart Beats
Students write about times their heart beats fast and when it beats slow.

Venn Diagram Comparing Hearts
Students compare the human heart with the holiday heart shape.

Decorate Heart
Students customize a heart with tools in KidPix. Visit this online Heart Decoration Site

Candy Heart Template (Graph Club)
Students enjoy sorting and graphing candy hearts. This template is located in the student share drive under your #our work folder or you can download this template and save it in an appropriate place.
To download this template click the link and save to the student share drive.
Candy Hearts for Spelling Practice

More Hot Valentine Links
Labeling Using Inspiration
Using Inspiration students can easily manipulate symbols and use the drawing line tool instead of the linking tool to label the parts of the heart. These two templates could be modified for older students.
Visit How Your Heart Works at How Stuff Works for an online lesson or virtual trip before your students complete the activity. The activity could be a great assessment tool!

Language Arts Activity

Students will enjoy working with hearty expressions! Some common expressions or idioms of the heart:

Heart to Heart
Broken Heart
Heart of Stone
Take it to Heart
Does My Heart Good
By Heart
Change of Heart
Heavy Heart
His Heart is in the Right Place

Heartfelt Expressions to Print

Students illustrate and write the meanings of these expressions in KidPix or PowerPoint and combine them to make a class slideshow or electronic publication to display on Valentine's Day..

Students create greeting cards in Publisher or other desktop publishing application to express these feelings in a positive manner and show their understanding of the heart idioms. These can be great cards for Valentine's Day!

Tech Byte  
Saving Favorite Web Site Addresses in Outlook

When searching for the right web sites to integrate into your lessons save these links on a sticky note in Outlook for quick reference. Click here to see how to create new notes to store your favorite web sites. When creating the note you will need to copy the url from Internet Explorer to paste to your note.

Techie How To
Duplicating a Slide in PowerPoint

In normal view or slide sorter view, select and highlight the slide that you would like to duplicate. When selected, go to edit and chose Duplicate or press ctrl + d on the keyboard.


Kathy Adkins
Instructional Technology Specialist
Forsythia County Schools
The Technology Loop