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January 15 , 2005
Web Bytes
Great Teacher Tools
Check out these useful online tools. They are book marked in Favorites>Awesome Teacher Sites>Teacher Tools.
MyT4L - My Tools For Learning provides three great online tools, a rubric maker, graphic organizer maker and citation maker.

Personal Education Press allows you to create free educational worksheets such as flashcards, game boards, and quizzes to print directly from your browser. Simply choose a word list and an output style. The dolch list is broken down into levels.

Easy Test Maker is a FREE online test generator to help you create your tests.

Wordsearch Maker creates word searches to print.
APTE Puzzle Center allows you to create word searches online.

Web Worksheet Wizard is a great tool to create a quick web page for your students. Here is an example on the topic of moon phases:
Moon Phases
Web Worksheet Wizard

Digital Curriculum is a wonderful tool for the classroom. Kudos to Becky Lee for setting up user accounts and training. If you were unable to attend one of the training sessions, please contact Becky to set up another opportunity. Thanks Beck!
Have you checked out Angel Demore's Web Page. This is definitely an informative and eye appealing web page. Awesome job Angel!
Another eye appealing page is Scott Selvig's home page. Just a little bit of information with links provide resources for his parents and students. Nice job, Scott.
A special thanks to Ginny Cummings for being our liaison for Lexia. She has been a great resource for many and we appreciate her promptness in providing assistance. Thanks Ginny for taking on this helpful role.
Tech Training

Grade book Training using Infinite Campus will be conducted over the next two weeks, January 19th-28th. Check your e-mail for grade level times.

Tech Byte  
Installing the Google Toolbar on Your Laptop

Installing the Google Toolbar on your laptop will allow you to do searches right from Internet Explorer. Learn more about the toolbar by clicking the tour and then you can download this useful feature. You can also access it by selecting more on the Google home page.
Google Toolbar Tour and Download

Techie How To
How do I insert a cent symbol in Microsoft applications?
Use these shortcut keys: ctrl + \ , c. To view more symbols: Go to Insert on the menu bar within a Microsoft program and Select Symbol. To view more symbol shortcuts, select a symbol and the shortcut will be displayed at the bottom of the symbol window.


Kathy Adkins
Instructional Technology Specialist
Forsythia County Schools
The Technology Loop