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April 1 , 2005
To Excel is Elementary
Microsoft Excel offers so many integration strategies to use in the classroom. If you do not Excel there will be opportunities to learn more about spreadsheets at the following times so mark your calendars. Many examples and templates will be shared.
Monday, April 25 - Excel Basic (Beginner)
Creating a basic chart and graph using the wizard and formatting tools. Using a simple formula to create a weather data chart to show high, low and mean temperatures.

Monday, May 2 - Excel Self-Checking Exercises (Intermediate)
Learn how to apply if-then formulas to create self-checking activities

Below is an example of an activity that allows the student to visualize how hours and percentages relate to activities in a 24 hour day. The template contains a table to insert data, a circle graph and a text box for a student to write about their busy day. Click here to download the template.

Fractions - Promethean Board
Recently Becky Sexton took her class to the Mustang Room and used the Promethean Board to review fractional parts. The students did a great job labeling flipcharts created by Becky as well as interacting with a fraction flash game. Using KidPix students can create their own fractional parts and color code as shown by this Kid Pix slide below.

Tech Bytes - Fraction Interaction
(These sites are bookmarked in favorites under Math > Fractions.)
AAA Math has several great interactive activities.
Play fraction concentration at Harcourt School.
Play Pizza Party at Primary Games or visit Who Wants Pizza? by Cynthia Lanius.

Half Baked Fractions provides practice with equivalent fractions.

At Visual Fractions you can identify fractions by naming the numerator and denominator using lines or circles.
The Fraction Attack provides practice in using operations with fractions.
Spring Technology Opportunities
Would you like an opportunity to collaborate and plan an interactive opportunity for your students using the Promethean Board and follow-up activities for your classroom? Look for a visit from me or e-mail me a time we can collaborate!

Created by Kathy Adkins
Instructional Technology Specialist
Forsythia County Schools
The Technology Loop