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March 1 , 2005
Mustang Room 4 Kids
The Mustang Room 4 Kids web page is now available. This web site was built to provide easy access to many wonderful sites on the web that Midway students use daily. Please keep me informed of sites that need to be included or deleted so that the site stays updated for your students' curriculum needs.

The site contains links to:

  • grade level pages
  • student spotlight
  • daily weather
  • Midway's Home Page
  • District Web Page
  • Infinite Campus
  • research tools for students
    • search tools for students
    • encyclopedias
    • dictionaries
    • atlases and maps
    • almanacs
    • biographies
    • timelines

Please send suggestions to Kathy Adkins so we can work together to make this page a great resource for the classroom. A classroom gallery and other links will be added soon as well as a teacher resource page.

TE@M Using Projectors!
Have you used one of the school's projectors as part of your lesson? Students are captivated by the big screen and attend to what is being shared. the district is hoping to have projection devices installed in all classrooms in the next few years. Here are some examples of how teachers are utilizing the projectors at Midway. Please contact me if you would like guidance in using one of the projectors.

Recently Ginny Cummings used the projector so her second graders could present their space projects in Kidspiration.
Click here to see a larger image.

Emily Flack shared directions and expectations of a class project using a projector. She directed her students on how to use a hotlist containing links to different spanish speaking countries. Here is a presentation about Panama.

Dianne Meyer uses the projector to share video clips from Digital Curriculum and United Streaming. Viewing the Roaring Twenties, provided many sights and sounds from that period of history and certainly engaged her students.
Let me know if you would like to use one of the projectors to engage and WOW your students.
Tech Training

Promethean Board training for the third group will be March 7 in the Mustang Room from 3-4.

Tech Byte - Across Curriculum Electronic Vocabulary Quilt
Make an electronic vocabulary quilt with your students. As your students study a topic in science, social studies or review vocabulary for a reading selection, have them illustrate a new vocabulary word in Microsoft Paint, Kid Pix or draw on paper. Paper drawings can be scanned and saved to use as the example illustrates. Together we can make a vocabulary quilt and an online quiz to accompany the activity. This is a great opportunity that can be shared across your grade level and use next year for a great resource online. Here is an example of a vocabulary quilt using vocabulary relating to Harriet Tubman.


Techie Thought
Make the classroom computers a part of your instructional day rather than something
to use after the 'real' work is done. All students deserve an equal opportunity to use
the classroom computers - not just those who work fast enough to beat the rest
to it. It's those who maybe wouldn't ever get a chance to use the classroom computer
who can often times benefit from it the most


Created by Kathy Adkins
Instructional Technology Specialist
Forsythia County Schools
The Technology Loop