A Simple Checklist  

Here is an example of a simple checklist that can easily be used by your students.

There is an option to make a pie graph to see a percentage of checked items. Students should have 100% checked to be totally safe!

Bike Safety Checklist

Checklist Image
Category Game  

This activity is a great way for students to learn how to navigate in a spreadsheet. Joanne Goodwin's activity gives students incentive to enter unique answers.

The Category Game
(Source: CRS Tech Lab - Joann Goodwin)

Spring Category Game

Create a Calendar  

A great way to way to engage and guide students on the Internet is to use a monthly calendar. Create a daily activity using one of the "every day" Internet resources identified in the Education World article 'Every Day' Activities Across the Curriculum. Thanks to Susan Brooks and Bill Byles at Internet4 Learning for creating and formatting calendars in Excel for 2003. You will find many more useful templates and how to directions at their site.

"Every Day" Activities Across the Curriculum
2003 Calendar Templates

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Kathy Adkins
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