This page is created for students to practice different skills at school or home. If you find a "dead" link on this page, please email me. Also, if you find a great online game for any of our standards and it is not on this list, let me know, and we will share your idea with everyone. Although I personally checked every game on this list before posting them, you need to understand that I am NOT responsible for any possible pop-ups and any inappropriate information on these websites. Please remember to monitor your children's activities online at all times. Thank you for your cooperation.

Writing Letter Game




Poetry As We See It

Scott Forseman Reading Street

Elements of a Story

Storynory (listen to stories online)

Book Adventure

Possessive Nouns Practice

Grammar Practice

Fun with Plurals


Spelling Bees


Literacy Zone


Magnetic Poetry

Solar System Sites

Planet's Diary

Hubble Site Gallery

Space Wander (virtual space trips)

Online Science Museum for Kids

Neave Planetarium

In the Universe

Virtual Roach

Edheads Activities

Bugs Science

The Food Guide Pyramid

Interactive Food Pyramid

Exploratorium online science exploration and museum

Science Class (all topics)





Simple Machines, Force, Motion

Simple Machines Game

Simple Machines Made Simple

Medow Farm Machines Game

Which Machine? (interactive game)

Forces of Wonder

Forces Lab



Food Chains and Webs

Parts of the Food Chain

Decomposers (video)

Mystery Lunchbox Exploration

Chain Reaction

Fun with Food Webs

Build Your Own Food Web

The Web of Life

Light and Sound

Light Glossopedia

Light Magic

Optics for Kids

How Lenses in Telescopes Work

How Sound Waves Work

Bad Vibes - Sound Explorations

Sources of Sound

Changing Sound Pitch


American History Activities

Immigration History

National Geographic Map Machine

Country Toad (identify countries)

States and Capitals

Geocube - the world of Geography at your fingertips and just a mouse click away!

Colonial America

Jamestown Online Adventure

Colonial Williamsburg

American Revolution

The Seven Years' War

Brief History of French&Indian War

The Stamp Act

The Boston Tea Party

Boston Massacre

Key Events of Revolutionary War (sequencing game)

Liberty! The American Revolution

American Revolution Games

Gettysburg Flag Works


Congress for Kids

iCivics Games

Ben's Guide to US Government

How Does Government Affect Me?

US Capitol Virtual Tour

Learning about Explorers

John Cabot's Story

John Cabot: Italian Navigator

John Cabot: Exploration and Settlement

Vasco Nunez de Balboa: Spanish Explorer

Ponce de Leon

Ponce de Leon: World Biography

Christopher Columbus for Kids

Christopher Columbus: Ships of Discovery

Henry Hudson

Britannica Kids: Henry Hudson

Jacques Cartier

Britannica Kids: Jacques Cartier




Native American Cultures in North America

ThinkQuest on Native American Tribes

Infinity of Nations

Nez Perce Official Site

Nez Perce Indians

Inuit Explorations for Kids

Inuit Culture, Traditions, and History

Kwakiutl Indian Band (check out the slide show of historical images)

Kwakiutl Tribe History

Kwakiutl Info from TheCanadian Encyclopedia

Hopi Culture and Traditions

Hopi Info on Wikipedia

Pawnee Foods

Pawnee Brief History

Seminole Culture

Seminole Brief History


Westward Expansion of America

The Oregon Trail (interactive map)

The Oregon Trail Thinkquest

Lewis & Clark (interactive quiz)

The Lewis & Clark Adventure

Louisiana Purchase "Opens" the West

The Louisiana Purchase

Louisiana Purchase Timeline

The Gold Rush Game

WayBack California Gold Rush


Telegraph Invention


The Underground Railroad (Harriet Tubman)

The Underground Railroad (Scholastic)

American Women: Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Freedom Heroes: Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth Thinkquest




Voki (make your characters talk)

Arcademic Skill Builders

Museum Box (create your own museum box on a topic)

Make a Comic

Tagxedo (words creations)

WatchKnow (educational videos for students)

Myths and Legends create your own digital story, legend



Story Maker

Where Education and Technology Meet

Typing Dance Mat

Build Your Wild Self

BeFunky Photo Editing

Typing Practice

ZooBurst create your own 3-D pop-up book

Glogster (create online posters)

Mensa for Kids (online educational games)

Joy Tunes for Recorders

Professor Garfield

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